About Me

People say change is a good thing right? Change can be fun, exciting and awakening, but change can also be very scary and soul crushing when you aren’t ready for it.

I am sure we have all been on the darker side of change…. I certainly have.

However that being said, we will always be presented with challenges and changes and most of which we will not want. It is how we handle those unexpected shifts after the fact that mold us. How we let it land on us and our family. After going through the steps of fear, failure, uncertainty the unknown and then the now what do I do. I believe the next step comes the fun part-  self discovery.

I can say now that I lost myself for about… 6 years- I will save the sob story of the ex- work- blah blah. I lost myself and “Iallowed that to happen. I went through the phases, the “dark and stormy” and got hit with the “waves”, but an amazing thing happened!!!  ~ I started to find a new me in a new phase of my life. ~ I can honestly say that I have found and met myself and I like her again! (sometimes I love her and sometimes we don’t get along, but thats normal:)

Letting go of all fear and what the “so called standard” and “vision” of your life in the eyes of others is- and voila. Make your own rules and do what makes you happy. ~ For me it has become addicting!

I still remember my first solo dinner/happy hour at a now favorite restaurant. I walked in, sat in the far right corner of the bar, still in my fear bubble. ~ I felt such a sense of accomplishment of wanting to go out to dinner and not relying on having to have anyone with me. That grew to sitting in the middle of the bar and just saying hello. Football Sundays, live music venues, happy hours even Palm Springs and “I am unstoppable”.

Getting to the bottom of why I love the unexpected so much is the ability to embrace the unknown opportunities. I have discovered it is the getting lost element that I love.  ~ Getting lost by not knowing what will happen, who you will meet, what will land in your lap and excitingly, learning so many new things about yourself!! ~ Not a programed conversation that you have had a million times with friends, or the personality you fall back in when in a certain scene or group. But something new- how does the new you respond in that moment in time. ~Its just way to much fun, and rewarding~

Who am I?

I am Elisse….. a women with many hats ~ Travel Writer/ Blogger/ Actor/ Chef/ Make-up Artist/ Pilates ~

~I have worked as an actress in television and film, produced and created projects in the entertainment industry, I am still represented and a member of SAG.

~I ran a MAC Cosmetics Store in Beverly Hills and worked with the company for a decade, still a huge fan of make up and skin care and the power it possesses to give joy and confidence to its canvas.

~Cooking is my therapy and my passion for food grows everyday! Self taught chef, and influenced by my mom! (she is an incredible chef) I am a Firm believer cooking is my main love language.

~My love for pilates has led me on the journey of getting certified to teach! 

~Which leads me to my newest and most exciting adventure- Adventures in Travel Writing, and creating this blog…..

This blog is about Traveling, soul searching, cooking and so much more…

She is all about “Getting Lost Finding Yourself” and I so look forward to taking you along my journeys and hearing all about yours.

“May we have courage and be kind”…Cinderella